Thursday, 5 January 2012

My last few weeks in ... Embroidery

So heres a little sample of what I have been creating over the last month/ to ring in the new year! I started with the birdcage piece. It was originally an idea for a hoopla swap, but my partner dropped out so I decided to continue on with my design regardless. I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. Especially the bluebird. I chose a bluebird to put into the cage because I wanted something different, but still colourful. I actually have lots of these pretty little things visiting my garden, so it wasnt even necessary to pore over an computer image to get the colours right.
The second piece was inspired by a guardian or independent magazine cover with christmas cookies covered in sprinkles on it. I decided to try and stitch them up, only to realise that I had made my 'biscuits' far too dainty to successfully embroider sprinkles on. I used the sprinkles inspiration in the background which is made from decreasing circles of french knots in a spectrum of green. I am very happy with this piece.
Finally my 1950s sewing pattern inspired piece. This proved a little more difficult, because I really struggle with faces and the vintage fabric meant that I had to block out the image a lot more than I would have liked. I still think it is striking though and I am happy with the neatness of the stitching particularly on the dresses. I would like to do a similar design, but perhaps incorporating some beading as I have seen beading techniques used very successfully by other embroiderers.
All these pieces can be found in my Etsy shop. Just in case you wanted to give one of them a loving home.

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